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Staff picks!

Our FOS Staff is picking out comics that they think are the best of the bunch!   Dan recommends: Action Comics, God is Dead, Superman Unchained, Superman\Wonder Woman, He-Man Levi recommends: Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Black Science, Deadpool, Quantum and Woody Ronnie recommends: INHUMANITY. The art is great and the story well-paced. Can’t wait for the next issue. Inhumans...
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Halloween Comicfest!

Hello geeks and nerds!   Coming up soon is the Second Annual Halloween Comicfest! This is a Free Comic Book Day, so yay free stuff!! But you know FOS is not stopping there; you can expect costumes (and a contest to win some cash!), artists (including Steven Butler, Rando Dixon, Nathan Smith, Quincy Roundtree, Olivia Logan, JP (James Powell), Ryan Goodman, and others!) who...
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New Store Layout!

At FOS Comics, we are always mixing things up, looking for the perfect fit for our customers! Here are some pictures of our new...
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And we are back!!

After a bit of a hiatus, FOS comics is proud to return to the World Wide Web! Thank you to all of our FOS family for supporting us during our move. We hope that you guys are enjoying the new location as much as we are! Just a reminder that our next HUGE event will be in October; Free Comic Book Day, Halloween edition! Our celebration will be the biggest we have had yet, featuring a...
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New Location!

New Location! We want to take a moment to thank you all for supporting us thus far. Because of your loyalty, we are able to expand. We will be closed tomorrow, Sunday, March 31, but we will be opening back up on Monday at our brand new location. We hope you share the big day with us and we look forward to the rest of this already amazing year. Cheers, FOS Staff
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A new Bird joins the Flock

A new Bird joins the Flock  Birds of Prey #15 is the end of a story arc and the birth of a new series. In this issue, the end of Katana’s war with the Daggers the Birds of Prey follow Condor to Asia in order to rescue Katana. This arc has given a deeper story with Katana and she will be getting her own title come January when she joins the Justice League of America. The Birds of Prey have been one of...
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Talon Takes back Gotham

Talon Takes back Gotham   In this first issue we find Calvin Rose, a former Talon in the Court of Owls returning to present day . Calvin did the unthinkable by escaping the Court seven years ago and has lived in hiding ever sense. News of Batman’s bloody battle with the Court spreads fast and Calvin plans to do the unthinkable yet again…return to the city he’s been hiding from. But...
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Comics take back Halloween

Comics take back Halloween My imagination is pretty active, but I think this gal takes the fake cake… Halloween Eve is (unfortunately) a one-shot comic put together by the awesome team of writer Brandon Montclare and artist Amy Reeder. They released it as a collaborative creator owned comic that gained popularity through the Halloween Eve Kickstarter project –which I sadly missed— to fund the making...
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The Joker Strikes in Catwoman #13

The Joker Strikes in Catwoman #13   Dark. Confusing. Twisted. These are just a few of my thoughts after just finishing the latest issue of Catwoman. In case you haven’t heard the news yet, the Joker has made his return to Gotham, and from how it looks from the latest issues of Batman and Batgirl, this story line is going to be epic, surprising, and of course, disturbing. Selina seems to be followed by...
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